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RECRUITING from June 18th through July 4th 2013!!!
{EGRS} will be recruiting across a variety of games, such as Call of Duty, Battlefield 3, Halo 1, and plenty more.
Email Ghost at ghost44448@hotmail.com to get in contact with him, doing this allows you to request games to play.

Welcome people of society to our Official Ghost Recon Squad. Kristopher is our commander and you will
obey his orders if he gives you any. We are an experiened clan, we will slaughter all opposition
and run like hell! If you would like any information to be answered please dont hesitate to ask one of the admins.
The Ghost Recon Squad has a few allies. such as, United Skull Gods,Masters Of The Elements,
National Halo Elites, and our allies are still growing.

Ghost Recon Squad Home - Ghost Recon Squad

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